Embody your AUM ~ PermaBioCulture Immersion

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Lucid UniversitySphere FoundationHeartland Collective & Life In Perfect Balance .com Present:

Embody Your AUM: Grounding Your Gifts in the New Paradigm

"May peaceful loving kindness radiate across the lands throughout all of its structures”

Peaceful Valley TourUS: United Sovereign Adventure

This event is a seed gathering and blueprint for the Peaceful Valley TourUS - A Choose your own adventure of regeneration, ceremony, and celebration supporting all life on Earth. The TourUS will co-create with existing small scale events and communities with the intent to bring the most aligned resources to the people and projects that are creating the most good on Turtle Island. We will be touring the United Sovereign visiting these communities equipped with tools, resources, people and prayers to make deep symbiotic impact, activating our most emergent community hubs with the infrastructure they need most. 

6 day 5 night spiritual permaculture immersion 


We will be working with the AUM to connect to the deeper rhythms of the divine and ground them into our experienced reality. This immersion is to be a incubator for the embodiment of our greatest service. We envision this to be a space for golden innovators with boots on the ground to share resonant space and healing with each other, amplifying our collective work. There will also be opportunities for individuals seeking their purpose to find support in community to connect with the movement on a deeper level.

This is a call for all of us to step forth and fully embody - to stand in, to play with, and explore what we stand for, and own our unique pieces to the larger puzzle. To do so NOW, at this time, so we can co-create the impact that the world is waiting to see. 

It is an invitation for us to champion each other as much as our own agendas, and collectively participate in the interweaving of a vast range of individuals who, along with the communities and organizing forces of which they are a part, together hold everything we need.

All the resources we need are available, and all our relations will be necessary, for harmonic planetary design. The moment is present for our full authentic offerings to be embodied and celebrated in a way that creates models of regeneration for our children, our tribe, and our global community.

The Peaceful Valley TourUS is a venue for the Infinite Game that serves to model a regenerative blueprint for Planet Earth. It is open and accessible to anyone that wants to play, you are invited choose your Avatar and get on the bus...

Together, we CAN build a SHIFT into the New Earth. 


This immersion will have 3 tracks 

Biodynamics & Permaculture
Personal & Planetary Healing
Movement & Expression

Every person is a presenter- Invitation to embody your avatar, apply to share your gifts and be a part of the story. Different tiers of tickets based on level of involvement in the story. 

We will have coursework as if you were in a regular college… 
with the fun of a choose your own adventure.

If you choose one of the 3 tracks to focus on and complete it, you will be awarded merit within our community of trust in your knowledge and experience in that field. Taking at least one course in the other fields will be required for the focused track (many more paths will be available!). This will be documented in our Global Passport Technology. This is a service from New Earth Planetary Alliance - a network of networks. You can also choose to take any type of class at any time and “Drop-in” Like at a festival. It will be set up in sections stated above with the themes of A U M. 


Biodynamics & Permaculture: 
Cob Building at HeartLand!
Biodynamic Preparations
Social Systems

Personal & Planetary Healing:
Energetic Architecture/Universal Laws of Creation
Primordial Qi Gong
Yoga Nidra
13 Ray Rainbow Body Activation
Healing the Divine Masculine/Feminine/Ancestry
Mayan Cosmic Time
Eagle/Condor Ceremony
Star Wisdom

Movement & Expression:
Spoken word
Ecstatic Dance
Visionary Art
Community Jam

Daily Schedule:

A- Activation Morning: 6am-1pm
Qi Gong - Intention
Morning Spiritual Practices and Ceremony
Permaculture and Biodynamic project (physical work)

U- Unification Afternoon 1pm-5pm
U TEACH U: Group Learning/Healing ( Biodynamics, Social architecture, Herbalism, Fungi, Food, Wonderment, cellular intelligence, and more!) 

M- Manifestation Evening 5pm-9pm
Shamanic work
Sound Healing / Sound MAGIC
Restorative yoga
Deep listening
Initiation into Intimacy
Sensory experiences
Deep internal work
Memory/ remembering practice
Dream Prep

Also including- Water Prayers, Puja, Herb walks, exploring, personal time, Swimming, ecstatic dance, sweat lodge (if possible), tea lounge, writing our collective story.

AUM Hosts: 

Lindsay Semilla www.sphere-foundation.org
Lindsay Semilla has dedicated her life to the transcendence of humanity. Along her journey she began acquiring the skills needed to become a member of the ground crew. Studying with teachers of various disciplines including, Regenerative Design and Architecture, Taoism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Meditation, and Yoga, she developed a diverse background of knowledge that allows her to articulate vision for herself and others. She uses her offerings to create a rainbow bridge the visionary spirit can take to the physical plane, manifesting our collective vision. 

Yoga Nidra 200 hour
LENSES facilitator- Living Environments in Natural, Social, and Economic Systems.
Bachelor of Arts- Sustainable Design & Architecture // Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

Kimberly Doyle - Lifeinperfetbalance.com
Practicing for past 9 years. Her classes are designed to help each student cultivate self-love, gratitude, support, balance, and unity. She has traveled across the world to learn from traditional yogis in the Himalayas. There she learned Asana, breath work, and ancient meditation techniques. She is a certified yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance International, as well as a certified wellness coach with the Mayo Clinic
YACEP- Yoga alliance Continuing Education Provider
Mayo Clinic Wellness coach Training program
Thai Massage course in Thailand
Currently Reiki Apprenticeship

Joseph Rolley has been assisting people with creating vibrant wellness for over thirty years. He is co-creator of Laughter Sound MAGIC which combines the ancient wisdom of China, India and Egypt using frequency and voice to create powerful and lasting change. Joseph is an owner of a wellness center in Colorado called Yoga West Community and is host of Vibrant Wellness Radio with Dr. April Goggans.
Certified Massage Therapist

Stone Hunter is a graduate of the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program who works in holistic farming at Sustainable Settings, in Carbondale Colorado. He grew up at Sunrise Ranch, an intentional spiritual community west of Loveland, Colorado, and started farming at Happy Heart Farm after attending The Evergreen State College. Stone is active in making and applying Biodynamic Preparations, organizing Permaculture Action projects, working as a stone mason, farmer, and teacher at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork.
2 year Biodynamic Farming 
Waldorf Garden Teacher
Stone masonry
Natural Construction
Animal Husbandry


Lucid University ~ https://www.facebook.com/pg/LucidUniversity/
Our Vision: We envision a world in which lifelong learning is joyfully embraced by all beings as a fun and deeply meaningful journey of discovery. We see a future enriched by individuals inspired by their personal path, activated in their purpose and passions, sharing their skills, exchanging wisdom, and co-creating regenerative solutions for our earthly communities to heal and thrive.

Our Mission: Lucid University is committed to creating immersive educational experiences that offer students tools for empowerment, inspiration, introspection, and integration to promote harmonious and regenerative relationships with all of life. The Lucid University will offer scholarships, grants, work trade opportunities and online education to provide an inclusive approach for our students to learn and grow. Our community-based educational experiences provide an abundance of opportunity for people of all walks of life to explore and develop skill-sets in a supportive and immersive environment.

Lucid University is dedicated to fostering solutionary thinking to the challenges we face as a people and a planet through a curriculum focusing on Creativity, Spirit, Ecology, the Body, and Community. We lovingly support each other’s growth, across all domains, with our implicit understanding of the unity within our diversity. Honest communication, upholding our agreements, and commitment to consensus are inherent to our process of respecting the individual while recognizing the awesome potential of the whole.

Heartland Collective ~ http://heartlandcollective.org/
Escape the hectic city life to an adventure at Heartland. A one hour drive from Sacramento airport or a 3.5 hour drive from the bay area brings visitors to Heartland’s offgrid lakefront location in the Wheatland, CA area.

Farm fresh food will nurture the body, mind, & soul of all visitors to Heartland. Heartland has a 1 acre commercial farm loaded with automatic irrigation, perfect nutrient rich soil, and a southern facing location providing optimal sun. Along with the massive amount of love we give our food, this perfect growing combination offers the most amazing fresh farm to table experience!

Heartland offers full freedom of creative expression. While being fed delicious organic food, you can enjoy one of Heartland’s creativity enhancing events in the art, movement, and innovation categories.

The Heartland Collective is a lifestyle-rich collaborative. It offers people a break from the craziness of life and a view of what can be co-created with each other for each other. It’s about doing more with less. It’s about going deeper, not wider. 

Heartland is on an off-grid, solar-powered, 25 acre lakeside property and sustainable business incubator. The mission at Heartland is to inspire people! 

The 4 core values at Heartland are; Outerwork, Innerwork, Transformation, and Celebration. 

"Our vision is to co-create a living & business system that succeeds in the same symbiotic way nature thrives. Through great communication, focus, desire, and collaboration we can achieve our vision." 

The Heartland Collective is a prototype for a larger collective of regenerative communities where members can use a commonly held currency that interchanges between each location offering unique flexibility.

As a volunteer, while you are in service you’ll learn anything from land management, to event production, to farming & permaculture, to building, and entrepreneurship.

Heartland is an opportunity to begin exploring a redefinition of your life. 

Is a regenerative offgrid lifestyle something you would like to be a part of?

Join Your Heart with the Heart of the Land at Heartland!